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Cieszynka river

Cieszynka is a left-bank tributary of Płociczna. It is 25km long and its area reaches 122km². It begins in the swamps south of Melęcin. It runs throu the city of Człopa. In its upper and middle part is has a lowland character, and its lower part, beneath the lakes Załom Mały, Załom Duży, and Dypa, it runs in a deeply cut valley overgrown with beech woods. Because of its rich in calcium carbonate waters, the common in lakes stone-wart can be found here. Among the fish living here are: brook trout, two types of chub, dace, gudgeon, perch, and river bream. The near-estuary stretch of about 2km lies within the DPN borders. The river is not accessible for fishing in this part. A red tourist trail from Czołpa to Pustelnia runs along the Cieszysnka river valley