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Mid-forest meadows, found usually in river valleys, are a very important natural element of the Drawa National Park. Several centuries of economic utilization of this area caused the landscape to be semi-natural, created by both man and nature. Although these meadows have been created by man, they are a crucial element of the natural landscape. They harbour many valuable plant species, such as carnations and orchids.

They are also very important for the animals. A rich fauna of butterflies is closely connected to them. Meadows are important not only for insects, but also for birds.
A whole group of birds specific to this type of landscape nests here, for example the lesser spotted eagle. Mammals, such as elk, deer, and boars are coming to the meadows for food. To retain the mid-forest meadows in the Park landscape, one has to continue the traditional process of their cultivation. Mowing cannot be abandoned, for they will become overgrown with reeds and rushes, and later with shrubs and trees. This would make them loose their natural value.
Presently, the meadows are being regularly mowed, which guarantees their riches to remain

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  • fot. Józef Borsuk
  • Łabędź niemy, fot. Marcin Bielatko
  • Stara Węgornia, fot. Marcin Bielatko
  • Zimorodek, fot. Przemysław Wiśniewski
  • Rezerwat Radęcin, fot. Marcin Bielatko
  • Wydra, fot. Ł. Łukasik
  • Perkoz dwuczuby, fot. Marcin Bielatko
  • Wyspa "Lech" na jez. Ostrowieckim, fot. Marcin Bielatko
  • Wydra, fot. C. Korkosz
  • Gągoły, fot. Elżbieta Hołubczat


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