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Zdroje Lake

sdroje lakeA small and shallow lake (23,25 ha, 4,8 max. depth) in the eastern part of the Park, in a land gully parallel to the valley of River Płociczna, also known as Wydrowe (Otter Lake). Its waters flow to lake Jamno through a small, nameless stream. Its water level varied recently because of a dam clogging at the nearby ponds called Stawy Zawiślaka. That caused a damage resulting in a fragment of dead forest remaining to this day. This lake’s waters belong to the richest in calcium in the entire region, containing as many as 50 ions in each litre. The water translucency reaches 2,5m, which roughly equals the average depth. Because of the light access, the lake’s bottom has a rich flora, with the domination of pond-weed and yellow water lilies. This lake’s waters are often stirred by the winds, and the bottom plants catch the biogenes from the depths and prevent them from leaving the bottom sediment, thus producing oxygen. In consequence, this lake’s waters are oxygen-rich all the way to the bottom and have a steady temperature. Very numerous here is roach, perch, and bream, accompanied by some bleak, eel, rudd, ruff, loach, and tench.

In the thicket around the lake, besides the common reeds, one can find the rare jointed twig rush. Near the southern edge, a very floristically interesting transitional peatbog has developed, and is being slowly overgrown by alders and eared willows, intensively munched on here by the beavers. The northern edge of the lake has some very rich water vegetation and rushes. North of that place there is a large and unique well-head complex, from which a stream surrounded by beautiful alder marshes feeds the water onto the lake.

This lake is a place ob abode to otter and a numerous population of beavers. Along the upper edge of a hill sloping into the lake runs a red hiking trail from Pustelnia to Tuczno that provides beautiful sightseeing of the lake