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Plociczno Lake

plociczno lakePłociczno is a passage lake, as the River Płociczna runs through it. It’s located north of Lake Ostrowiec. It has a total area of 61,38ha and maximum depth of 5,2m. Also known as Płocin or Płocie Wielkie. This is a fertile lake, rich in water vegetation. It is largely influenced by the outside surroundings. The area of its total reception basin is 356 times bigger than the basin proper. The lining of the reception basin is sandy and very permeable. The passage-like character of the lake causes its eutrophization. The reception basin of Lake Płociczno that has a total area of 602,8ha is almost entirely (98%) overgrown with forests. A small hill in the western bank reaches the height of 47,9 above sea level.

The lake is relatively shallow and is considered a eutrophic, borderline hypertrophic. In the summer, regardless of its polimictisity (its water changes 46 times a year!), some bottom oxygen deficits can be observed. The River Płociczna estuary is of a sandy delta character. This delta is unique on a national scale because of its typical forms (the main bed, distribution beds, lagoons, depository cones, and a steep frontal slope). It is a precious natural monument. Throughout the past 20 years the delta processes have been somewhat slowed because of accumulations at the lake.

There is a canal connecting the lakes Płociczno and Jamno at the northeastern edge of Płociczno. The clarity of the water’s lake qualifies it for the 3rd degree of purity. The surrounding vegetation is dominated by reeds. The fish fauna is dominated by roach and bream. Some barbel, Baltic vimba, ruff, river bream, tench, bitterling, pike, bleak, eel, walleye, and rudd have also been noticed. A red hiking trail runs along the western bank, from Pustelnia to Tuczno. It provides beautiful sightseeing site