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sitnoA lake in the Drawa National Park (area: 73,89 ha, max. depth 7m). River Płociczna runs through it, and here started the Sicieński Canal that ran along the valley. This is a eutrophic lake. It is surrounded with twig rush. In the north, by the well-heads, there grows a rare in this region’s lakes manna rush and patches of sweet flag rush. The bottom is overgrown with abundant underwater flora of pond-weed, water nimfoil, hornwart, and water thyme. The water surface, especially in the west, is richly covered with white and yellow water lilies. Where Płociczna joins the lake, there are sandy surfaces attractive to the birds, and some well preserved patches of alder swamps.
From the north and from the south the lake is surrounded by stretches of alder marshes. Very interesting is the natural phenomenon of water exudations at the well-heads by the foot of a hill in the north of the lake. The line of these well-heads can be observed some interesting processes of backward erosion, sometimes connected to the tree upspring. There are many grebe nests here.

A vast and relatively shallow Lake Sitno is a so-called polymictic lake with its waters stirred by some stronger winds all the way down to the bottom. The fertility of its water is very high, as many biogenes are brought to the lake by Płociczna from its upper part. In consequence, in summertime the oxygen-free zone begins at the depth of 2-3m. The average translucency is barely 1,3m. The water level is stable throughout the year, varying at the most by 15cm. The dominating fish of this lake are roach, perch, bleak, and bream. They are accompanied by rudd, eel, pike, ruff, river bream, tench, and bitterling. The lake trout also lives here.
Near the eastern edge of the lake there some vast, floristically interesting meadows (Północne Łąki). Three monumental oaks can be found on the edge of the forest. On the northern bank there are the remains of the Sitno Village (no longer existing). Nearby runs a cobblestone road Droga Krępska, by which there is a mid-forest parking space, and in the surrounding grows a beautiful patch of collar-type pine with shingle-like bark. This road provides some pretty lake sights